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Seeking Sustainability: Recyclable Material use at Events

Posted on February 07 2020

Seeking Sustainability: Recyclable Material use at Events

The environmental impact of plastic and non-recyclable material use was a key consideration in both the design and construction of our stand at the 2020 National Running Show, Birmingham, which is why we collaborated with the ever-talented folk at the The Chase to create an exhibition stand made almost entirely from Re-board, which is an extremely strong, versatile and fully recyclable paperboard of Swedish construction whose liner is constructed from 100% recovered fibres of Nordic origin. 



The unique panelled design of the stand integrates our Spider Arch support patterning with our five toe design, whilst further creative touches like sock trees and a central plinth all serve to exhibit the strength and versatility of Re-board as a material for product storage and display.



One of the key creatives seeing to the design and material choice for the stand was Kaori Yamamoto, architect and all round creative whiz at The Chase. Kaori’s architectural experience--ranging from housing projects in the UK and abroad to large scale builds for various services--served to underpin the core design theme of the stand: strength, a high degree of structural integrity and reusability, with a modular, adaptability of layout in mind. The lightweight but tough structure of Re-board proved the ideal choice as means to house exhibition visitors and curious runners wishing to sit down and try the socks on and display socks of all kinds.



With our carbon footprint placed firmly at the centre of our priorities for 2020 and beyond, we're committed to reducing waste at every level: from product design and production to events attendance and material use.


Visit us at the 2020 National Running Show in London to see both Kaori’s design flare and a truly sustainable material on display again #onefineday


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