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YAMAtune Performance Socks from Japan


YAMAtune socks are perfect for running, choose between 5 Toe or round all with Spider Arch compression.


YAMAtune socks are available in a variety of lengths ideal for the keen cyclists.

Health & Fitness

YAMAtune socks are available with non-slip dots, ideal for yoga and fitness activities.

YAMAtune Socks cover all activities


YAMAtune outdoor sock range provide comfort and warmth for those adventurous amongst you.


Winter is here and YAMAtune has in covered with socks ideal for skiers and snowboarders.


Whatever your choice of sport or activity, YAMAtune has a sock perfect for your needs.

Our Origin

Founded by Ito Tsuneyuki as a knitwear manufacturer in the Nagoya region of Japan in 1963


YAMAtune - Official Partners of Run Mummy Run

YAMAtune pride themselves on their rich history with manufacturing high-performance socks. Founded by Mr Ito Tsuneyuki in Japan, 1963, the first knitting machine they ever used is still in full working order and is regularly maintained by Mr Ito Tsuneyuki himself. They are proud to bring this rich heritage to a new partnership with Run Mummy Run, and hope their amazing socks will help our ladies cover many more happy miles along the road ahead.

Our Special Story


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