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YAMAtune Performance Socks Origin

Founded by Ito Tsuneyuki as a knitwear manufacturer in the Nagoya region of Japan in 1963, ‘Yama Tsune’ initially began to produce women’s clothing items for use by many of the countries large corporations.

As the countries economy grew Yama Tsune recognised the demand for specific items such as socks and mittens, especially those of a durable and high quality construction.

Their ability to produce such items helped Yama Tsune grow rapidly.

By a process of continued development and by striving to meet the needs of their demanding customers, the brand was renamed in 2014 as YAMAtune.

A store on the Northern island of Hokkaido now showcases the companies products as well as displaying the same knitting machines that were used when the company started in 1963.

Ito Tsuneyuki still visits the store to this day to oil and maintain these machines.


J∞QUALITY infinitely (∞) pursues QUALITY, which meets the high standards of Japan. We aim to create demand for Japanese apparel and promote the textile and garment manufacturing industry under the mission of sharing Japanese quality with the world. Our demands transcend conventional Japanese production standards and includes products which are woven, knitted, dye finished, sewed, planned and sold all in Japan. This means that our products are made in Japan with the infinite pursuit of production quality, the background of each process is transparent and the products provide customers with quality and peace of mind.

J∞QUALITY attests to genuine Japanese quality demanded by manufacturers and consumers.