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5 Toe Spider Arch Compression Short Socks with Non-Slip Dots

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YAMAtune 5 Toe Spider Arch Compression Short Socks (Non-Slip Dots)

These socks feature YAMAtune's unique 5 Toe Spider Arch System which provides support to the arch of the foot and ankle, improving stability and aiding the natural function of the arch. A compression layout is created in such a way that it cradles and supports your foot as it wraps around it like a spiders web. This design helps reduce the stress of impact, making these socks more comfortable to wear.

The 5 Toe design separates your toes to create an anatomical fit that allows each toe to spread naturally, function individually and more effectively and help prevent blisters. Just like gloves provide better dexterity than mittens, our unique 5 Toe socks pocket each toe to allow them to spread naturally, providing better stability and comfort.

The YAMAtune silicon dots are printed onto the sole of the socks. These dots improve traction and prevent slipping both within your shoes (to further prevent the risk of blisters) and on hard surfaces when wearing the socks for other activities such as Yoga.

  • Reduces lateral movement (the socks do not move around your foot)
  • The mesh increases air flow and reduces moisture
  • The 5 toe design and Spider Arch compression system increases your power on upward strides
  • The knitted structure adds support to reduce fatigue, helping you go further for longer.
  • The non-slip silicone dots help stop unnecessary movement within your shoes.
  • Wicking fabric keep feet drier for longer.
  • Material: Nylon 67%, Polyester 27%, Polyurethane 6%
  • Available in various colours and lengths.
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