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YAMAtune 2 Toe Outdoor Socks With Dual Arch Support, Quarter Length


YAMAtune - 2 Toe Outdoor Socks, Quarter Length

These premium socks have been made using our own innovative
technology, Dual Arch Support. The two sections, the sole and leg support,
absorb and distribute shock caused by impact and help you perform to
your best. 

This dual structure has fantastic shock absorbing benefits - the front strip lifts and supports the entire arch whilst the rear strip helps to prevent stress on the ankle.

Separating the big toe gives extra grip and power.

The Merino wool used has great natural thermo-regulating properties to
provide added warmth when required, even when wet.

  • Breathable mesh reduces moisture by increasing air flow.
  • The simulated taping effect helps to prevent injuries and ensures a secure fit for the ankle.
  • Toe protection pile
  • Heel protection pile
  • Length guide - Quarter (length is above ankle and low on shin)