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Why Choose YAMAtune?

Founded by Ito Tsuneyuki as a knitwear manufacturer in the Nagoya region of Japan in 1963, ‘Yama Tsune’ initially began to produce women’s clothing items for use by many of the countries large corporations.

As the countries economy grew Yama Tsune recognised the demand for specific items such as socks and mittens, especially those of a durable and high quality construction.

So why choose YAMAtune?

1. Spider Arch Support - This unique design provides support to the arch of the foot and ankle, improving stability and aiding the natural function of the arch.

2. 5 Toe Design - To create an anatomical fit that allows each toe to function individually and more effectively. Just like gloves provide better dexterity than mittens, our unique 5Toe socks pocket each toe to allow them to spread naturally, providing better stability and comfort.

3. We use moisture wicking fabrics that keep the feet drier for longer. By having this fabric between the toes, conditions such as athletes foot can be reduced.

4. Non-Slip Dots - These dots are Silicon pieces printed onto the sole of the socks. These dots improve traction and prevent slipping both within your shoes (to further reduce the risk of blisters) and on hard surfaces when wearing the socks for activities such as Yoga.

YAMAtune Performance Socks