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Calf Sleeves With Compression Support & Insect Shield®


YAMAtune - Complete Protection Calf Sleeves 

With a graduated knit throughout the length, these calf sleeves provide gentle compression to help improve circulation and performance. The COOLMAX® fibre transfers sweat to the surface of the fabric for quick evaporation, keeping you comfortable and dry.

The fibre has been treated with Insect Shield®. This process binds the formula tightly to the fabric resulting in effective, odourless insect protection. The repellent is effective on clothes for up to 70 washes.

  • Tapered from the ankle to the calf.
  • LYCRA® fibres for excellent fabric stretchability.
  • COOLMAX® fibre transfers sweat from the body.
  • Protects skin from unwanted insects letting you enjoy a wide-range of outdoor activities.

Material: Nylon 60%, Polyester 32%, Polyurethane 8%