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Unisex Kamuy Heat Pile Socks

Navy x Sapphire x Fresh Blue
Smoke Pink x Cosmos x Marine Blue
Carrot x Terracotta x Marine
Walnuts x Carrot x Saffron
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The word ‘kamuy’ is derived from the Ainu language and mythology, as passed down through the oral history of the Ainu people, the indigenous people of Japan (whose history originates in the country’s northernmost island and prefecture, Hokkaido). According to Ainu beliefs, kamuy are supernatural entities, godlike in nature, that vary in form and origin, and they range from plants and animals to the weather and tools, underlying the Ainu people’s affinity with and connection to nature and the ever-changing landscape of Hokkaido.

With the spirit of the outdoors and the Ainu people’s reverence for nature in mind, the Kamuy Heat Pile Sock has been developed to allow wearers to stay outdoors and engage with the outside for longer, and to do so in a range of challenging conditions. The Kamuy fiber is designed with a whole new design concept in mind: heat generation, not simply insulation. The fibre’s extreme absorbency allows water and sweat to be drawn away and collected from the wearer quickly, maximising comfort for longer and actively generating heat in the process, allowing for sustained use in the harshest environments.